Here are some of my favorite projects I have worked on.


OutBully Platform


Hexastella Game

Castles and UFO's

Castles and UFO's

Castles and Ufo's was created and designed by Jesse Carmack and myself at VFS. It was built using PHP, Javascript, jQuery and JSON for saving the levels to the server.


Rocket Mine

Castles and UFO's

Rocket Mine is a MineSweeper game built at VFS using HTML5 and Javascript. Rocket Mine was built and designed by myself and the sound FX and background music was edited in Adobe Audition. 



Screen Shot 2017-07-31 at 10.27.55 PM.png

Welcome to the world of Seedlings. Here, you can help us grow. Seedlings is an iOS game that is designed to help inspire you through the use of passwords. You’ll find your days brighter and more flower-filled as you take your journey with us. Let’s go! Play positive!


React Bus Tracker 


Created with the Vancouver BC TransLink API. My React web app tracks all of the current locations by returning the longitude and latitude data of the buses and maps them to a map view using the React MapBox module


Dedicated to creating change 

Dedicated to creating positive change is my main goal. I love working on projects that truly can make a difference in peoples lives like Seedlings which is dedicated in helping people around the world deal with depression and anxiety. I also started a company called OutBully which is a mobile bullying reporting platform for students in North America.

Simulator Screen Shot - iPhone 7 Plus - 2017-09-12 at 13.23.21.png

Menu Design - OutBully

Simulator Screen Shot - iPhone 7 Plus - 2017-09-12 at 13.25.54.png

App Design - Cabriola


Layout - Grader