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Received an Apple WWDC 2014 /2015 Scholarship.

Featured on King 5 News Seattle

The Merciful Boy film nominated at the Calgary International Film Festival

Received a 2015/16/17 Facebook F8 Scholarship 

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Featured live on CNBC King 5 News Seattle:

Featured Speaker at Campus Party 2016 in the Netherlands:

Featured in the Under 30 ChangeMakers Book:

Featured on CBC Radio in Vancouver and Victoria BC.

Received the RockyView 21st learner award in October 2015

Featured Author on Tropical Post:

Featured on LeanGap:

Featured Article on LeadBolt:

Featured on Emerge.NL Article.

Photo featured photo on the front cover of:

Featured on Startup World:

Featured Article on NWCN:



Currently I am a student at Vancouver Film School studying programming for games web and mobile. I also co-founded a startup called OutBully. I also have also taken several intensive programming and design courses and co-founded two startups.


C#,  Javascript, Swift, CSS, HTML, JSON, Angular, Django, C++,  PHP,  Python, React Native.



Unity, Perforce, Github, Git, Adobe Suite, Sketch, Final Cut Pro, Wwise,  Xcode, Aperture, Xcode, and many more.